Food Safety: Aprons & Sleeves

PolyWear® 1 Mil Smooth Disposable Gowns

September is food safety education month! Aprons and Sleeves protect your employees and are available in a variety of thicknesses, depending on length of use and the need for tear and puncture resistance. Multiple colors are available for your cross-contamination safety program.

Made in USA, PolyWear® 1 Mil Smooth Disposable Gowns simplify inventory management by replacing disposable poly sleeves and aprons with full-coverage frontal protection. Reduces employee time in donning and doffing, making compliance easier. Available in five colors.

Top Dog™ 8 Mil Aprons

Made in Canada, Top Dog™ 8 Mil Aprons provide significantly increased resistance to punctures and tears for longer use and greater protection against foreign body contamination and harborage points for pathogens. Available in five colors.

VR™ 4 Mil Sleeves

VR™ 4 Mil Sleeves are great for pairing with Top Dog™ 8 Mil Aprons. With 4-6 times the average life of vinyl, VR™ 4 Mil Sleeves provide excellent resistance to fats, oils, and a broad range of chemicals. Manufactured with pride in the USA, stocked in yellow and blue.