Hand Hygiene & Food Safety

Proper hand hygiene, when completed correctly, stops the spread of viruses and foodborne pathogens. Share this video with employees to train them in a simple, effective handwashing technique.

The VersaClenz Touchless Dispenser features an infrared sensor for hygienic dispensing of hand soap or hand sanitizer. This ADA compliant dispenser is durable with up to 100,000 applications on 4 D-cell batteries. Also available as a manual dispenser.

VersaClenz Touchless Dispenser

The 1-2 Knockout Dispenser is wrist-activated, decreasing the spread of contaminants and works with one-gallon bottles of hand soap and hand sanitizer.

1-2 Knockout Dispenser

The Portable EZ Step Dispenser is the most popular industrial dispensing system within the food processing industry due to its foot-activated operation and floor portability. Works with one-gallon bottles of hand soap and hand sanitizer.

EZ Step Dispenser

Alpet® E3 Plus Hand Sanitizer, Alpet® Q E2 Sanitizing Foam Soap, and Alpet® HACCP Q E2 Sanitizing Liquid Soap are specially engineered to meet the requirements of the food industry. Available in a variety of sizes and dispensing options.

Sanitizers & Hand Soap