Commercial Cutlery Made in America

Since 1818, Dexter Russell has been crafting professional-grade cutlery using premium materials in Southbridge, Massachusetts. The company partners with an American steel mill to process their own proprietary steel, ensuring the highest quality and making sure that inventory is readily available for customers and ready to ship. With the broadest line of professional cutlery inRead more ⟶

Best Practices for Color-Coded Tools

Here are five best practices for implementing color-coded tools in the food processing industry, according to Remco/Vikan Hygiene and Safety Products Corp. Keep it simple. Limit the number of colors you use to around 3-5 in small or medium facilities. In larger food processing plants, limiting the number of colors each individual has to rememberRead more ⟶

Hand Hygiene & Food Safety

Proper hand hygiene, when completed correctly, stops the spread of viruses and foodborne pathogens. Share this video with employees to train them in a simple, effective handwashing technique. The VersaClenz Touchless Dispenser features an infrared sensor for hygienic dispensing of hand soap or hand sanitizer. This ADA compliant dispenser is durable with up to 100,000 applicationsRead more ⟶

Food Safety & PPE

September is food safety education month! Providing professional grade personal protective equipment (PPE) protects your employees and your customers. Simple to operate, the Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer requires no skin contact, providing a hygienic, highly accurate option for fever-checking. Accurate measurements are available in seconds. Ear-loop Disposable Masks are available in adult and child sizes,Read more ⟶

Food Safety: Aprons & Sleeves

September is food safety education month! Aprons and Sleeves protect your employees and are available in a variety of thicknesses, depending on length of use and the need for tear and puncture resistance. Multiple colors are available for your cross-contamination safety program. Made in USA, PolyWear® 1 Mil Smooth Disposable Gowns simplify inventory management byRead more ⟶

September Is Food Safety Education Month!

According to the FDA, it’s estimated that 48 million foodborne illnesses occur every year, 128,000 of which require hospitalization and 3,000 of which result in death. These statistics showcase the need for a solid food safety plan within all food industries. One way to avoid cross-contamination is by using color-coded products. Color-coding benefits all foodRead more ⟶

Purofort® Helps Lower the Total Cost of Owning PPE Footwear

Dunlop’s proprietary material, Purofort®, creates a boot that outlasts others, resulting in a lower yearly total cost of protective footwear. Purofort® can help you save up to 25% on your PPE footwear program. LOWER ANNUAL PURCHASING COSTSPurofort® boots can last up to 2-3 times longer than boots made with other materials. This saves you replacement costsRead more ⟶

Nitrile or Vinyl?

What should I look for in a disposable glove? Depending on the job, it’s helpful to consider flexibility and comfort, tactile sensitivity, puncture and chemical resistance, and frequency of use. Nitrile Gloves Vinyl Gloves Compare Nitrile and Disposable glove options.

Viral-Resistant Boots

Independent lab testing has validated viral penetration resistance for the Servus by Honeywell Safety Toe Boot (#75109), Non-Safety Toe Boot (#75108), and Chemical Overboot (#11001). The microorganism used as a surrogate virus in the test has a diameter of 27 nanometers as compared to the reported diameter of 60 to 140 nanometers for the SARS-CoV-2Read more ⟶