14" Granton Blade Knife

14″ Granton Blade Knife

#40646 (5.4723.36): Great for slicing roast beef, sandwiches, tomatoes and other vegetables, as well as fruits that have skins that easily bruise.

Perfect for making scalloped edge cuts through a harder crust or peel without damaging the tender interior.

  • Type of Blade: Wide
  • Type of Edge: Granton
  • Blade Length: 14″
  • Blade Width at Handle: 1-1/2″
  • Roast beef knife
  • Unique handle design to help eliminate hand and wrist fatigue.
  • Superior slip-resistance with ergonomic grip for comfort, improved control, and cutting torque.
  • Cutlery Collection: Fibrox®
  • The Fibrox® Pro professional line has become the tool of choice for professionals and has consistently received high accolades in industry product testing.

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