14" Color-Coded Plastic Shovels

14″ Color-Coded Plastic Shovels

Tough, lightweight and hygienic. Great for moving bulk materials and an integral part of any color-coded, cross-contamination containment, food safety, or HACCP program.

Green (69822)  Blue (69823)  Red (69824)  White (69825)  Yellow (69826)  Orange (69827)  White (69828)  Gray (698288)  Black (69829)  Other colors available by special order

  • 14″ x 17″ x 42″
  • Material: FDA-compliant polypropylene
  • Working temp: -22°F (-30°C) to 176°F (80°C)
  • Popular for meat, dairy, seafood, and poultry processing, as well as commercial fishing and other food handling applications.

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