59" Basic Aluminum Handle
59" Basic Aluminum Handle
50" Basic Aluminum Handle
50" Basic Aluminum Handle

59″ Basic Aluminum Handle


Standard 59″ aluminum broom handle for use with all brooms, squeegees and scrapers.


Yellow (29596)  Red (29594)  White (29595)  Green (29592)  Blue (29593)  Orange (29597)  Purple (29598)

  • 59″ Length, 1″ Diameter
  • Maximum Temperature: 212°F
  • Materials: Aluminum with polypropylene grip
  • Thread: Euro (hygienically designed Euro thread prevents walk-off and is easy to clean)
  • The handle with the attached item should reach to the chin of the user to prevent occupational back injuries
  • Color-coded hanging hole for use in food processing facilities
  • Autoclave and industrial dishwasher safe
  • FDA compliant

This product is autoclave safeThis product is dishwasher safe. This product is made from FDA compliant raw materials.

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