Bronco™ Drum Lid, 20 Gallon
Bronco™ Drum Lid, 20 Gallon
Bronco™ Drum, 20 Gallon

Bronco™ Drum Lid, 20 Gallon

841021x (341021x)

Snap-down reinforced lid with press-and-pull release stays on and is easy to remove. Rounded edges and textured surface resists abrasions and scuffs. Safe for food contact.

White (84102102)  Yellow (84102104)  Red (84102105)  Green (84102109)  Blue (84102114)  Gray (84102123)  Orange (84102124)

  • 20 gallon lid, 20″ x 2.13″
  • Recommended for temperatures up to 196°F
  • Fits Bronco™ Drum, 20 Gallon, sold separately.
  • Effectively contains waste, odor and debris.
  • Raised inner circle matches container base for stacking and organization.
  • Locking lids snap down and press-pull lids stay on and remove with ease.
  • Durable Construction – Made of extra thick plastic for maximum longevity.
  • Food Safe – NSF 2 and NSF 21 certified for storing, separating and color-coding various food products.

  Recyclable 2