Poly Combo Bins

Poly Combo Bins


Tough, durable, and lightweight for all types of food products and bulk materials, improving in-plant handling and over-the-road hauling capacities. Engineered for added strength. Seamless, one-piece construction.

254 Gallon (BONPPC1110), 277 Gallon (BONPPC1114), 337 Gallon (BONPPC1115), Standard Stacking Lid (BONP11105)

  • Extra thick at corners and floor to resist impact and wear
  • Reinforced top edge adds strength and resists splitting
  • Smooth, seamless surface is easy to clean
  • Lighter weight and less cost than stainless steel and much easier to handle
  • Nestable and stackable 2-high with optional lid
  • 2-way fork-lift and pallet jack entry
  • Rotomolded of FDA compliant polyethylene.

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