Bronco™ Drum, 32 Gallon
Bronco™ Drum, 32 Gallon
Bronco™ Drum, 32 Gallon
Bronco™ Drum Container Lid, 32 Gallon
Bronco™ Drum, 44 Gallon

Bronco™ Drum, 32 Gallon

841032x (341032x)

Sturdy construction with durable plastic walls, double-reinforced stress ribs and reinforced drag skids to provide long-lasting durability. Safe for food contact.

White (84103202)  Yellow (84103204)  Red (84103205)  Green (84103209)  Blue (84103214)  Gray (84103223)  Orange (84103224)  Gray “INEDIBLE” (841032INE23)

  • 32 gallon waste container, 22.38″ x 27.75″
  • Recommended for temperatures up to 196°F
  • Use with Bronco™ Drum Container Lid, 32 Gallon, sold separately.
  • Molded-in base notches provide secure attachment to Bronco™ Drum Dolly, sold separately.
  • Integrated bag cinches.
  • Ergonomic hand holds on the bottom of the can make emptying contents easy and efficient.
  • Rounded Comfort Curve™ handles make container safe and easy to handle even when full.
  • Food Safe – NSF 2 and NSF 21 certified for storing, separating and color-coding various food products.

  Recyclable 2