9.8" Color-Coded Medium Scrub Brush

9.8″ Color-Coded Medium Scrub Brush


Short handled medium wash brush with ergonomic grip to prevent hand fatigue. For washing all types of equipment, tables, and walls. Brush may be used holding both the handle and the brush head for better control.


Green (#41902)  Blue (#41903)  Red (#41904)  White (#41905)  Yellow (#41906)

  • 9.8″ L x 2.75″ W x 2.6″ H
  • Materials: Polyester bristles, polypropylene block, stainless steel staples
  • Maximum Temperature:  250°F
  • Block and bristles the same color to allow better traceability in HACCP environments
  • Autoclave and industrial dishwasher safe, FDA compliant